Pain Management

One of the most important things to our staff is that a patient is never in pain. We take every step possible to make sure that our patients are never uncomfortable. This means that before we do a potentially painful treatment, we give a pain injection so that we head off the body’s response to pain. We also send home pain medications after painful treatments so that there is no lapse in pain control. We offer injectable pain medications, oral pain medication (in the form of pills and liquids), and transmucosal (medication that is absorbed through the gum tissue in the mouth) pain medication. We have a variety of types of medications available, that we can use singly or in combination, to find the best treatment plan for your pet. If a patient is on pain medication for the long-term (such as for arthritis) we will run yearly blood work to be sure that the patient is not having any adverse side effects from the medications (such as liver dysfunction) that would warrant a change in the medications. Our goal is for our patients to never be in any discomfort and to use the lowest dose of medication possible. Animals do not tell us they are in pain, but together we can assess their level of pain through changes in their behavior and a thorough physical exam every 6 months.