Having your pet run away or be stolen is one of the biggest fears a pet owner can have. That is why we recommend having your pet microchipped as soon as possible. This is a simple procedure that can be done at any time. It involves injecting a small pet tracking system into the loose tissue between the animal’s shoulder blades (or in the case of snakes along the muscle in the upper 1/3 of the body). We offer the resQ pet tracking system because there is no additional cost to you when registering your pet on-line. Once you have your pet microchipped, you will need to go on-line and register your pet so that the microchip number provides the person scanning your pet with your contact information. The website is www.PetLink.net and it allows you to add additional information, such as any medical conditions your dog might have and your veterinarian information. Do not forget to update this information if your contact information changes. In the case of a pet running away, every veterinary hospital and shelter has a scanner that will allow the microchip to lead them back to you, even if picked up by animal control or the police. Microchips allow you and your pet reunited as quickly as possible. In the case of a pet being stolen, having your pet microchipped is the only way that you can legally prove that the pet is yours. This can be very important, especially in this area, since many of the pets that we see are very valuable breeding animals or hunting animals.