As important as vaccinations are, they are not a “one size fits all” part of the medical care of your pet. Vaccines are most important when you have a puppy or kitten. Younger animals have no way to fight diseases on their own since their immune system is not fully developed. By vaccinating them with a series of vaccines, we are offering them the best protection against various diseases as they are developing their own immune system. Puppies and kittens are not fully protected against diseases until they have gone through their entire series of vaccines, so please do not take them out in public places where the risk of exposure to diseases is increased. Consider vaccinations given by a veterinarian as an insurance policy since the companies that sell the vaccinations to the veterinarians stand behind their product. If your pet were to get sick from one of the diseases it has been vaccinated against and it had received all of its vaccines at the appropriate time by a veterinarian, the company may help with payment to diagnosis and treat your animal. This financial aid is only if diagnostic tests show that your animal is sick from one of the diseases the vaccines were intended to prevent.

After a pet is older, its vaccination needs may change depending on its lifestyle. At one of your twice a year office visits you can discuss your pet’s lifestyle and your questions about different vaccines. The doctor will work with you to determine which vaccines your pet needs and which ones your pet does not need. This protocol may change with time, but know that together we will be sure your pet is fully vaccinated with a protocol that fits your pet’s lifestyle.