Glaucoma Screening

At Elgin Veterinary Hospital, we are able to painlessly measure the pressure inside of the eyes using a device called a Tonopen and we recommend doing this yearly for all pets, but especially dogs and cats with short faces (such as Pugs or Persians). Yearly testing allows us to establish each pet’s individual baseline eye pressure so that if a pet develops any issues concerning the eye or other systems which can affect the pressure in the eyes, the yearly pressure readings can be used as a baseline to see if the pressure is abnormal and how significantly it has changed. The pressure can be abnormal in either direction – too high or too low. Glaucoma occurs when the pressure in the eyes is too high, which can lead to life-long consequences such as blindness or even loss of the eye itself. Uveitis occurs when the pressure in the eye is too low, which can also lead to irreversible changes in the eye and the body’s response to the low pressures often go overboard and produce secondary glaucoma. Diseases of the eyes tend to get bad very quickly, so having the ability to test the intraoccular pressure allows us to best treat the eye and start the healing process as quickly as possible.