Geriatric Care

bunnies-300x200Thanks to the advances in veterinary medicine and surgery, our patients are living longer and longer. It is wonderful that we are able to provide a longer quality life for our patients, but as they age their needs change. The older patient has different medical, mental, and dietary needs and together we will address all of these issues in order to give you and your pet the most time together. When we consider a patient geriatric does depend of the species and the breed, but most dogs and cats are considered geriatric at age 7. Once your pet has reached an older age, we recommend wellness visits every 6 months and yearly blood work. This allows us to be pro-active and catch disease processed earlier than we would if we just passively waited for a patient to develop clinical signs. Catching diseases early gives us a big advantage in treating the disease successfully. It is wonderful that our pets are living longer and longer, we just need to work together to make sure those extra years are quality years for our pets.