Exotics Counseling

Exotic animals are quickly becoming very popular pets. In fact, rabbits are the third most common pet, behind the dog and cat. It is very important to have a wellness visit as soon as you get your new pet so that we can get started on the right foot. There is a great deal of information in books, at pet stores, and on-line about the care of your exotic. The problem is much of the information is wrong, outdated, or aimed at selling you products and not aimed at doing what is best for the health of your pet. For example, did you know that exotics should not be housed on wood chips? At your wellness visit, you will have a chance to talk to the doctor about all of your questions and concerns. The doctor will also give you hand-outs for you to take home regarding how to best take care of your exotic animals. Housing, temperature, humidity, the materials on the bottom of the cage, diet, lighting requirements, and common medical conditions will all be discussed. Most medical conditions can be avoided if you provide the proper environment for your exotic from day one. It is recommended exotic animals have wellness visits every 6 months and come in right away if you notice your pet is not acting normally. Exotic animals hide their sicknesses very well, so it is important to get them to a veterinarian right away if you are suspicious that something is wrong.

Since exotic medicine is such a complex and ever changing field, our doctor not only specialized in exotics in veterinary school, but did an internship (an additional year of study) strictly in exotic animal medicine. She also attends a week long conference on exotic animal medicine to make sure that she keeps up with the latest medical and surgical break-throughs in exotic animal medicine. She has been practicing exotic animal medicine since 2004 and has been well-published in multiple journals with articles regarding exotic animal medicine. Exotic animals are not just small dogs and cats and need to be under the medical care of a veterinarian who knows all the specifics on each exotic animal.