Critical Care

At any point in time, an animal can become critically ill and need supportive veterinary care. The hospital and staff are well-equipped to handle these situations, having both the knowledge and equipment needed to address the needs of the critical patient. We have a hospitalization room, separate from all the other patients, so that our sick patients can have a warm, dark, and quiet area to recover. They can be given fluids to keep them hydrated 24 hours a day using an IV pump to make sure they receive the correct amount of fluids. They can also receive the medications that they need through their catheter, to avoid having to give them multiple injections. These critical patients are watched closely during business hours and the medical plan gets amended based on how they are doing. We always keep you informed as to how your pet is doing and make sure that we are providing the care that you request. You are free to call at any time for progress reports. If the doctor does not feel that it is safe to leave a critical patient alone overnight, the pet can be transferred to an emergency center for overnight monitoring, and then brought back to us on the next business day.