Behavioral Counseling

Nug-07_08_081-300x200Having a pet has been proven to decrease stress in one’s life and to bring happiness to the owner. However, this strong bond can be tested if there are behavioral issues. Initially we must determine that the behavior is not due to a medical condition that needs to be addressed.

After it is determined it is not a medical condition, we will determine specifically what the behavioral issue is and formulate a plan specific to your pet’s needs. I use a combination of techniques to address behavioral issues, but none of them involve punishment or causing harm to your pet.

Bad behavior can start at any age, but often patterns of behavior are learned at an early age. That is why it is so important during your young animal veterinary visits to bring up any behavior issues you are noticing. Regardless of what problem you are having, we will work together to allow you and your pet to live a happy, low stress, high quality life. By addressing negative behavior we can work to repair any damage that the behavior might have caused to the wonderful bond between you and your loved pet.